Record donation to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

Ten months of bicycle training and an extraordinary trip to Paris later, it’s time to summarise this year’s Team Rynkeby project together with the TRGM Stockholm team, which ESMA proudly sponsors.


We have previously written about Team Rynkeby – God Morgon, a charity project where bicycle teams from all over the Nordic region raise money for children with cancer and their families every year. In Sweden, the money is donated directly to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

Many sore bodies

“After ten months of training and fundraising through various events and sponsorships from both companies and individuals, Team Rynkeby Stockholm finally biked into Paris on July 7 this summer,” says Leif Gabrielsson in Team Rynkeby Stockholm.

They biked 1300 kilometres in seven days, through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. A fairly hot bike ride with many sore bums and legs, some traffic incidents in Germany but fortunately no severe damages.

“During the ten months together, everybody in the team has encouraged each other, and throughout the biking tour the team had an amazing, positive attitude,” says Leif.

Record donation to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

At the beginning of October applause and daunting cheers broke out at Stortorget in Malmö, when Team Rynkeby – God Morgon handed over a check with the record amount of SEK 34.9 million to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. As the most significant contributor to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, Team Rynkeby – God Morgon has steadily increased its contribution from 18.9 million in 2016, 26.7 million last year to almost 35 million this year.

At ESMA, we are pleased to have contributed to a small part of the money raised, and we’re happy to see that many more vital research projects now can be funded through the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

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