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Polyurethane, PUR or PU, as it is also called, is a flexible material with properties that make it convenient to use almost everywhere. Polyurethane provides comfort, safety and design in a variety of products we use in everyday life – without PUR, our lives would look quite different.

Our most common PUR variants

At ESMA we mainly work with four different PUR variants; integral hard foam, compact foam, casting system and flexible foam. Which one is best to use in your project? Contact us at ESMA and we will help you with the material that best suits your needs.

PUR Integral Hard Foam (IHS)

  • Sandwich technology with high rigidity
  • Flexible design and construction
  • Good insulation property (heat and noise)

IHS is used in many different areas, such as medical technology, food industry, payment stations and consumer electronics.

PUR Casting system (GS)

  • The material for high mechanical and chemical requirements
  • Alternative to grey cast iron or steel
  • Very durable

GS is used in the agricultural industry, construction industry and sewage technology.

PUR Compact foam (K 110)

  • High impact strength and compact structure
  • Alternative to injection molding
  • Large format components up to 6m² of projected area

The K 110 is for example used in large enclosures, within medical technology (for X-ray such as MR, CT), for construction and agricultural machinery and in the automotive industry.

PUR Flex foam

  • High impact strength even at low temperatures
  • Very durable

Flex foam is for example used for load machines, driver cabins and industrial trucks and for other products in the construction and agricultural industry.

PUR properties

PUR has low weight, very good durability and high elasticity. It is form-stable, chemical resistant and has good oil resistance. PUR also withstands both low and high temperatures and is weatherproof (wind and UV radiation). It is non-static and has a good insulation and silencing ability.

Two-component product

PUR is a two-component product consisting of polyol and isocyanate in liquid form. When these two are mixed, a reaction occurs and polyurethane is the result. Depending on how you mix the material – and what manufacturing technique you use – the properties can be customized according to the desired use.

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