We have a passion to create technically and economically optimized component solutions for our customers – with quality and delivery security in focus. Below we have gathered our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you do not find the answer to your question, you are always welcome to contact us!


Here you can find our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answers to your questions, feel free to contact us!


What does ESMA do?

Since 1951, ESMA has supplied optimized and customized cost-effective components to the Swedish manufacturing industry. The starting point is often a drawing from the customer, after which ESMA produces the components.

Our customers are the most innovative in their respective industries and work everywhere from smaller innovative companies with big plans, to large global concerns in the medical technology, automotive and engineering industries.

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Why choose ESMA as your supplier?

Through our network of manufacturers, mainly in Europe and Asia, we can almost always find an optimal manufacturing process, which means that we can offer competitive prices. ESMA currently delivers to 39 countries and imports from 32 countries, and our customers are located all over the world.

Quality and delivery security is always our highest focus at ESMA.

Read more about ESMA and what we do, or contact us if you want to know more about how we can help you!

Do you have your own production?

No, we cooperate with various manufacturers, mainly in Europe and Asia. However, we ensure both quality and delivery security for all our components and logistics solutions.

Where are your suppliers located?

Our suppliers are mainly located in Europe and Asia. But since we have a warehouse in Stockholm we usually deliver EXW Stockholm, which means that you as a customer at ESMA never have to think about long shipping times, customs and buffer stocks. We take care of that.

Do you deliver to both small and large companies?

We deliver to companies of all sizes as long as you need some form of series production.

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What sizes of series can ESMA deliver?

As long as it is a matter of recurring deliveries, i.e. series production, we are competitive and are able to help you with most things.

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Does ESMA take responsibility for quality?

Yes. At ESMA, quality is always in the highest focus and for us it is a matter of course to take responsibility for quality.

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Do you deliver in customized packaging and labeling?

Yes, we deliver in the packaging the customer wants. It can be in packaging that is included in packaging pools, in cartons that are packed on neutral pallets or as bulk. The customer decides how they want the goods to be delivered and we adapt after that.

At ESMA, quality and delivery security is always our highest focus.

Do you receive calls via EDI?

Yes. We are flexible and can receive orders and calls in several ways, both through email and EDI.

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Step by step

How it works

Inquiry with drawing and volume -> Quotation

To ask for a quotation is always unconditionally, most often we only need a drawing and a volume before we can quote.


We start production, monitor the delivery so the parts are on time and according to specification.

Logistic & safety stock

The parts are kept in our logistic center which enables flexible deliveries.

Packing & delivery

From general packing to customer specific instruction, packaging pools, EDI connections, Odette flags and more. We deliver just in time!

Deliveries to suit your systems

Logistics and warehousing is an ever increasing part of our business. ESMA can today offer our customers logistics solutions that include everything from using your own packaging and labeling tailored to your systems to document management in connection with import/export.

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