Metal cutting

Cutting processes for highest precision

Cutting processes is one of ESMA’s major areas of activity. The method can be used for the production of components in most of the available materials, ranging from simpler components to high precision details with tight tolerances, in both small and large series.

Turning and milling in all types of materials

At ESMA, we work with everything from turning, milling and drilling to post-manufacturing treatment like grinding, reaming and polishing. We also perform hardening and all surface treatments available on the market.

Most materials can be turned; for example plastic, aluminum, brass, steel, silver, titanium, copper, zinc and gold. We CNC lathe components but also have access to traditional cam-controlled machines that are very cost effective for simpler components. We always strive for an optimal machine selection to get a finished item from one machine set if possible.

When milling, like by turning, we can offer a wide range of material options. We use solid materials, but can also include profile materials or other raw materials such as forging / castings and other prefabricated materials. The possibilities are endless.

Advantages of cutting processes

Cutting processes can be applied to everything from lightweight steel and aluminum alloys, to more hard-worked high strength steel grades. Compared with other manufacturing methods, such as casting, cutting processes requires no precious or complex molds and can be used to produce highly-asymmetric and thin profiles, even in high strength steel and titanium.

Cutting processes can also be used cost-effectively in both small and large series compared to, for example forging, which requires large series for cost reasons.

ESMA’s network of manufacturers

ESMA has many and long-term relationships with manufacturers of cutting processes, both in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Baltic States, Slovakia and Bulgaria) and in Asia (Japan, Taiwan and China).

Some are good at turning stainless steel or manufacturing brass components, others offer good prices on small series and a third is best on large quantities. We require high technical knowledge from our partners, both in terms of quality, surface treatment, cleanliness and cost-effective and competitive production.

Through the years, we have built up partnerships with about seventy manufacturers, producing everything from small micro-components to really big dimensions. We have most likely a manufacturer that is right for you and your specific demands.


Components made through cutting processes have almost infinite applications. ESMA supplies components ranging from medical implants, sewing machines and food processors to snow gun machines, car engines and space rockets.


The cutting process is an excellent manufacturing method for many components that require high precision. But keep track of the volumes – as soon as you get into larger volumes you should look at other manufacturing methods to maintain cost-effectiveness.

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