Punching manufacturing to a wide range of applications

Punching, bending and springs

ESMA cooperates with a wide network of manufacturers, offering punched and bent components ranging from simple cutting tools to complex large stamping transfer tools.


Punching has a wide range of applications and can be used for smaller series through revolver punch to large series when manufactured in complex stamping transfer tools.

It is distinguished between normal and fine punching. The precise cutting surfaces of the fine punching offer tight tolerances and high precision on hole images. With available machinery material thicknesses up to 12 mm (press force 3000 KN) can be handled. From simple cutting tools to complex large stamping transfer tools, we manufacture punched, bent and even embossed punching components.

If post-processing such as threading, milling or assembly of additional components is required, we will gladly assist you with this. We also provide photo-etched components, where volumes and material thicknesses are not suitable for punching.


Sheet bending is used for small to medium-sized series, for example, switchboard cabinets and stand systems. By bending it is important to look at the bendability so the material will not crack.

We also offer additional operating steps, such as welding, soldering and even powder coating and wet painting and we can also assist you with different types of printing and embossing. If you need assembled devices, we are looking forward to help you in the best possible way.


Springs are found in a wide variety of end products. Do you need pressure, drag, twist or bend movements, ESMA can provide the suitable spring solutions. We punch, bend, pull and wire springs, according to our customers’ demands.


ESMA delivers punched components to a wide range of applications, to customers like Husqvarna, ABB and Sandvik. Bended components are common in the cabinet manufacturing and in the automotive industry and we deliver springs to Aimpoint and Sandvik.


Punching can be an alternative to laser cutting, where volume allows space for a tool investment. Components with higher requirements on tolerances and cutting surfaces can advantageously be fine punched, which is likely to give you reduced processing costs.

ESMA’s manufacturers and suppliers

ESMA has many good contacts for punching, bending and springs, with a wide range in the network. For fine punching we have manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland. For coarser punching and pieces requiring post-processing or manual work we work with manufacturers in Estonia, Taiwan and China. Bending is mostly done in Estonia, but also in Sweden. Regarding spring manufacturers, ESMA cooperates with contacts in Germany, Switzerland, England, but also with Swedish manufacturers.

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