Vespel® is a high-performance polyimide from DuPont, which is used in applications with friction, wear or high temperatures.

Sintering and injection molding

Vespel® is produced by sintering or injection molding, where the geometry of the component can be obtained directly from the tool. Prototypes and smaller series can be manufactured from rod material without a tool investment. For processing in your own production, ESMA can deliver semi-finished products in the form of rods and plaques.

Developed for NASA

Vespel® was developed for more than fifty years ago for NASA’s space program but is today used as a substitute for metal in many different areas, such as engines for cars and heavy vehicles, aircraft engines, pumps and contactors.

Vespel® S – lacks a melting point

Vespel® S is pure polyimide, a unique material which, unlike other polymeric materials, lacks a melting point. Vespel® S can be filled with among others graphite, Teflon or fibreglass for optimal properties.

Three main groups of components

  • Bushings
  • Washers (drive washers, wear washers)
  • Rings (piston rings, sealing rings)

Five reasons to choose Vespel®

  • Long life (low friction and high wear resistance)
  • High efficiency
  • Low weight
  • Easy assembly
  • Low total cost

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