Valve and sheet metal handwheels in customized design for fast delivery

Good news! In order to meet high demand, ESMA has started collaborating with a competent manufacturer of valve handwheels and we can now deliver handwheels in customized design in a short time.


Valve handwheels in sheet metal or as castings
The handwheels are available as castings or in punched and bent sheet metal. A casted handwheel can withstand a greater torque, while a sheet metal handwheel in comparison has advantages in weight and cost efficiency.

Both options are available with different fastening opportunities.

Handwheels and handles in different sizes and surface treatments
We deliver with great flexibility in both volume and size. The handwheels are available with various sizes of the centre halls, in an outer diameter of 50 mm and upwards. We also have many different possibilities when it comes to surface treatment, for example if you want the handwheels galvanized or varnished.

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